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Who we are?





We are a young team with members that have in common the passion of IT and the will to succeed by leaving a personal mark on technology. Our education varies in different fields such as computer science, electronics, management, economy, arts, marketing etc. Although we play actively in the IT industry for more than 15 years, our passion for computers was born in the late 80’s. We often wishfully remember the IBM PC XT which was our first encounter with IT technology and the 5.25” floppy disks that we used in order to save our Basic or Pascal codes.



To develop a worldwide brand in the IT field until 2015.



To add value to any product or service by investing high attention to details in all stages of the project and by approaching any situation with seriousness and fairness towards all the parties involved. We are motivated by any challenge and we start with optimism every project no matter how “impossible” it may seem at the beginning.


What we do

Over the years we have developed two competitive brands targeting two different IT market segments, nJoy and RPC.

nJoy - Under this project we develop consumer oriented IT products meant to be sold as standalone items on the shelves of the retail chains (online or offline). After two years from it’s creation, nJoy is present in four markets including Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Macedonia and has developed over 15 product categories.

RPC - The brand has been developed to offer IT competitive products to the B2B market, our main target being system integrators. We try to cost down as much as possible the non-necessary features but maintaining the quality level required by the customer. RPC is a Romanian IT brand which begun its activity in 2003. After a constant and organic growth RPC is today one of the top Romanian IT brands with more than 20 product groups developed.


Download our company profile here.


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