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New Product Development



We can build any new item based on the client's details and specifications. We have the necessary know-how in order to create a competitive and market attractive product. We offer professional assistance from concept drawing, 3D modeling, engineering and up to package design. Each new device is carefully tested in order to avoid production failures and for ensuring a high quality standard before it is delivered to the end-client.


The first part in creating a new product involves drawing a concept design based on the client’s idea regarding the look and the targeted audience. Many design versions of the item will be presented to the client until he is fully satisfied with the look of the future device.


Next we will transpose the 2D drawings into a 3D (three dimensional) model and we will create the outline of relevant specs for hardware development as well as the necessary components integration. In this step we will choose all the type of materials to be used and the exact colours. The client is closely consulted on each new step in the development chain. No final decision is implemented before the client's prior approval.


In the engineering stage the hardware components and functions are carefully designed. With the client brief in mind our engineers work close in hand with the product designers on best hardware solutions for the future item. After intensive tests done by the QA department the final version of the device is presented to the client before mass production. Also in this stage the final packaging materials are sent for approval.


The product is ready and mass production begins. Working with the best production facilities the future items receive the proper attention in order to achieve the client's requirements and to eliminate production failure.


Besides developing new products we also offer the possibility of customising any existing RPC device, changing technical specifications or design details. Before mass production we present a final version of the item to the client to ensure that his quality and design requirements are met.


In order to achieve competitiveness in this business we developed strong and reliable partnerships with top production facilities from Taiwan and China.

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   New Product Development
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